Baktun - A period in the Maya long Count of 144, 000 days or approximately 394.5 years.

Cacao - Ka Ka Wa – the plant from which chocolate is made. The Maya didn’t eat it with sugar so it tasted very bitter.

Calendar Round -  A complex calculation of a day’s place in the interlocking Maya calendars

cenote - An underground well where water accumulates in the geological areas of karst. Often found in the the Maya region of Mexico
Censer from the National Gallery of Art Exhibit

censor - A delicately carved ceremonial apparatus for burning incense.

ceremonial center  - Maya cities where temples, the king’s palace and burial sites are found

codex  -  modern name given to the few remaining Maya bark-paper books.
The Grolier Codex

comal -  a flat clay or metal plate for cooking

danta - See tapir

ex  - (loincloth) Cloth worn by Maya priests and kings. Usually of cotton.

glyphs  -  A form of writing in which pictures and symbols form syllables in a spoken language
Stone glyphs

huipil  -  Maya blouse worn by women, usually delicately embroidered with multicolored traditional symbols

hurican  -  large storms attributed to Huricán, the Maya god of the storms

Itzamná  -  Maya creation god

karst -  a type of porous stone that is found in many areas of Mexico

katun  -  a period of 7,200 days in the Maya Long Count

kin - one day

limestone - a kind of porous rock that is found in many areas of Mexico.

lineage - the tracing of a line of ancestral decent, important especially among royal families

loin cloth - see ex - Cloth worn by Maya priests and kings. Usually of cotton.

Long Count  -  A count of starting with the first day of creation according to the Maya, August 11, 3114

maize - the Maya word for corn

mano  -  (Spanish for hand); also the lon cylindrical stone used by Maya women and girls to grind prepared corn kernels into dough.

metate - used with the manao; the stone tablet used by Maya women and girls to grind prepared corn kernels into dough

myth - stories in which cultural religious or foundational beliefs are recounted.

scribe - a person trained to read and write with glyphs; see hieroglyphics.

stucco -  a type of whitewash or plaster used throughout the Maya region to coat the walls of buildings, both interior and exterior.

tapir - a large boar like creature found in the Maya region.

tribute - a gift given to the ruler

tun - a period of 360 days in the Maya Long Count

unial - a period of 20 days in the Maya Long Count, similar to a month in our calendar

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