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...Simone has crafted a taut novel that’s impressive for its razor-edge suspense as well as its verisimilitude. Written in first-person present tense, the prose is incredibly tight, sharp and intelligent. Cory never comes across as anything less than a fully believable young man, despite the bizarre circumstances in which he finds himself. His attempts to escape his uncle’s clutches provide nail-biting suspense. Given the novel’s title, one might expect an exploitation of ancient culture, but Simone’s tale has the utmost respect for Maya civilization as the narrative spins a sensationalist tale out of a modern interpretation. The story ultimately illuminates Maya beliefs, while managing to pay homage to pop culture’s apocalyptic interpretation. 
     The relatable, refreshingly non-Caucasian protagonist will take readers on an action-packed cultural adventure.

"...a fine pick for general fiction collections." Midwest Book Review.

"Not only does The 2012 Prophecies shed light on the ancient stories of the Maya, it's a rip-roaring tale that will have readers sitting on the edge of their seats. L. P. Simone has written a tale for all ages, one that will grip you from the very first page and tighten the grip until the very last." -- Kathi Appelt, award winning author of The Underneath.

"In this debut novel, Simone offers readers a gift: a great adventure about the end of the Maya calendar in December 2012. From D.C to the rainforest, Cory's story is filled with thrills, mystery, and bright imagination. His eyes and ours are opened to the new.--Kathi Baron, author of Shattered

"Simone deftly weaves a great deal of Mayan heritage and contemporary Guatemalan culture into the tale, and the result is a rollicking, wild ride, that will both educate and delight."

"If you like the Alex Rider series, you'll enjoy this book."

"Would Give it 6 Stars if I Could!"

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  1. "SImone is a wonderful writer, capturing you in the thrill and captivating suspense of her new book, Heir of the Jaguar.."